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  • Jessica shared from LZR-1143: Within (A Horror Novella) by Bryan James
    So, this is dedicated to anyone working a depressing, soul-crushing job. May the zombies come for you first and eat quickly.
  • Jessica shared from Dislocated by Max Andrew Dubinsky
    I look back to the ghoulish figure in the car. It’s as though everyone in this town but me remembered to drop dead at two a.m. last night. I’m momentarily pissed at the prospect of having been left out of such an endeavor. Why no one included me, I cannot say.
  • Jessica shared from Eating Lizzy by Zan McDowell
    The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny. —Aesop's Fables
  • Jessica shared from Life Among the Dead by Daniel Cotton
    “Shut up or I’ll feed you to the zombies.” He often makes that idle threat, and the kids always find it funny.
  • Jessica shared from Life Among the Dead by Daniel Cotton
    “Do you like Queen?” he asks while slipping a CD into the player. “I don’t care how gay they were. Queen is the best rock band ever.”
    Note: #awesome #danielcotton
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