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  • John shared from A Prayer for Owen Meany: A Novel by John Irving
    She was a passionate reader, and she thought that reading was one of the noblest efforts of all; in contrast, she found writing to be a great waste of time—a childish self-indulgence, even messier than finger painting—but
    Note: Apropos how much people read and research vs blog in app sec.
  • John shared from We Others: New & Selected Stories by Steven Millhauser
    Note: Interesting exploration of loneliness, passionate pursuit, and the nature of things
  • John shared from Very Little...Almost Nothing: Death, Philosophy, Literature (Warwick Studies in European Philosophy) by Simon Critchley
    Cavell writes: One can think of romanticism as the discovery that the everyday is an exceptional achievement. Call it the achievement of the human. (CR 463)
    Note: lovely quote from Cavell's «claim of reason»
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