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Yes, I am easily amused... my friends know that. In life I'm a digital photographer by avocation and a private IT consultant with a broad base of clients by profession. My main focus here on Amazon is in digital photo equipment, computer and electronic gear, Kindle Fire, SoHo items, MTB cycling accessories, gadgets, and widgets of all types. <br /><br />» Review Requester Notice «<br /> <br />Please read the following carefully. I accept requests via Gmail only. If you need to contact me to review a product, please put &quot;Amazon request&quot; or &quot;Review request&quot; in the subject header to avoid my spam filters. <br /> <br />Books: please do not offer me unpublished Kindle editions, e-books, electronic manuscripts, PDF files, or pre-publication galleys, and I do NOT accept compensation or gift cards. Your book must be listed on Amazon before I will agree to review it, and please include an Amazon link to your book's listing in your review request. I generally don't review self-published books from non-established authors, and do not review books for kids (mine are grown). Not a prude, but I never, ever review books with a totally carnal or erotic focus, a religious nature or political tomes other than genuine political humor. It's just a personal preference. <br /><br />Will usually respond to all appropriate review requests, but please note that I receive a high volume of inquiries, sometimes several in a day. I am not a professional reviewer; I'm a busy IT consultant who chooses to write reviews during my own time. As such I usually reject the majority of review requests which I receive. Although I appreciate your offer and interest, please don't take it personally if I turn you down. If you don't receive a response from me, it's because (a) it's a topic in which I don't feel qualified, (b) my interests may not match yours, or (c) you did not follow the above instructions. <br /><br />Thanks for understanding.

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