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    Hillary Clinton in particular deserves credit for joining Bill Clinton on the stage, a notable grace note to democracy after a bitter campaign.
    Note: Most of the grace she showed is in appearing still with her priapic husband.
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    On a Washington Metro train headed downtown Friday morning, Trump fans derided suggestions that the election was skewed by Russian hacking. “It wasn’t the Russians, it was God!” chanted a group of military veterans from Texarkana, Texas, wearing motorcycle garb with slogans including “Rally for Christians.”
    Note: Uh, really?
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    Under gray skies, rain fell just as Mr. Trump began speaking. Evangelist Franklin Graham, speaking after Mr. Trump took the oath of office, saw it as a good omen. “In the Bible, rain is a sign of God’s blessing,” he said.
    Note: As in Noah's flood, parable of wise and foolish builders.
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    In sum, his remarks resembled more a Trump rally speech than a traditional inaugural address, and they eradicated any thought that President Trump will govern differently than Candidate Trump campaigned. Much as his rally speeches were directed toward his fervent supporters rather than party regulars, his inaugural speech was directed squarely at the working-class voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania who propelled him to the Oval Office. At the end, in fact, he gave a rally-like fist pump to the crowd spread out on the National Mall before him. Washington regulars may have been stunned...
    Note: WYSIWYG
  • Jon shared from Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Christmas Sermons by Edwin H. Robertson
    In the Jesus-child of Mary dwells Almighty God. Just take that in for a moment! Don’t speak, don’t think any further! Stand quietly and wait before this statement, that God has become a child! Here, he is poor like us, wretched like us, and helpless like us, a child of flesh and blood like us, our brother. And yet he is God, almighty God. Where is the divinity, where is the power of this child? It is in the divine love by which he becomes like us. His pitiable condition in the manger is his power. In the power of love, he overcomes the chasm between God and man, powerfully overcoming sin and...
    Note: Bonhoeffer on Christmas.
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