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    Mr. Obama once let slip in 2008 that he wanted to become the progressive version of Ronald Reagan by changing the terms of America’s political debate. Yet when George H.W. Bush campaigned to succeed the Gipper in 1988, he ran to extend the undeniable prosperity of the Reagan years. No one in either party is running to extend Mr. Obama’s prosperity because the voters know it doesn’t exist.
    Note: How to campaign in 2012.
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    if a candidate as conservative as Mr. Rubio is the “establishment,” then the word has ceased to mean very much.
    Note: This is why you lose points for using that word.
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    The long-standing arrangement between Democrats and financial giants like Goldman is that the politicians collect money and get to pose as populists by publicly attacking the big banks, and in return the big banks enjoy high regulatory barriers that prevent smaller firms from competing with them. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has perfected this bargain, which may have reached its zenith with the Dodd-Frank law of 2010, which brought Wall Street giants and Washington into a historically intimate embrace.
    Note: The politics of economic populism.
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    Environmentalists often deplore the physical and human damage caused by promiscuous mining. Yet their desire for more green vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines is precisely what is driving increased mining of rare earth metals, which are used in permanent magnets that drive the motors and lithium batteries that store the energy.
    Note: How green is my hybrid?
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    Sen. Cruz also may have surfaced the limitations of running as the Great Outsider. He cited Ronald Reagan’s successes on taxes, regulatory reform and national security. But those were monumental achievements by a master of political expansion. Once past what he has fashioned as the talk-radio primaries, where does Mr. Cruz expect to find additional votes in the general election? And how could he hope to emulate Reagan’s Washington achievements with party leaders he professes to abhor in every speech? Conventional wisdom holds there is a ceiling on Donald Trump’s support. But perhaps Sen....
    Note: Cruz builds a low political ceiling.
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