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    What if, on the off chance, the Cubs win it all this year? That may diminish their value as a model of faith amid hardship, according to a message Arnold Kanter delivered in his annual remarks at Yom Kippur services at Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, Ill. While other congregants rise during an open-mic session to bare their souls, Mr. Kanter invariably stands and talks about the Cubs. This year, he sounded depressed at the prospect of the Cubs finally winning the World Series. “We Jews are not happy when we’re happy,” he said. “We need something to kvetch about. Forty...
    Note: And if the Cubs win? What then?
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    Wayne Grudem, a prominent evangelical who has called Mr. Trump the “morally good choice” in his race against Mrs. Clinton, declined to say on Friday whether he still supported Mr. Trump after listening to the recording. “Let me think about that,” he said when reached at his Arizona home.
    Note: Grudem reconsiders his support.
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    Some Republicans saw Mr. Pence’s performance as evidence that their party would have been better off with a different presidential nominee.
    Note: Understatement
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    As George Santayana said of Dante’s Paolo and Francesca, “abandon yourself altogether to a love that is nothing but love, and you are in hell already.”
    Note: of note
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    The contemplation of the infirm and lonely steed overcame him.  Jostled, but obstinate, he would remain there, trying to express the view newly opened to his sympathies of the human and equine misery in close association.  But it was very difficult.  “Poor brute, poor people!” was all he could repeat.  It did not seem forcible enough, and he came to a stop with an angry splutter: “Shame!”  Stevie was no master of phrases, and perhaps for that very reason his thoughts lacked clearness and precision.  But he felt with greater completeness and some profundity.  That little word contained...
    Note: Empathy
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