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    Some GOP presidential candidates have demagogued the refugee issue, but the House bill is a canny attempt to mitigate the worst of the anti-refugee populism. Rather than cut off funds for refugees, it would require that top federal officials certify that the refugees being admitted don’t pose security risks. It includes no religious test. If Mr. Obama weren’t so intent on trashing all Republicans as cowards or racists, he’d realize that this measure might serve as a way for Republicans to mollify public opinion without shutting down all refugee entries. But this President prefers to puts...
    Note: "Ideological vanity."
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    If you don’t think a mental patient has the right to bring a sawed-off shotgun to the church where his ex-girlfriend is getting married, you’re part of the problem.
    Note: David Sedaris!
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    An intellectual is a person who is knowledgeable in one field but speaks out only in others.
    Note: I aspire to be an intellectual as Tom Wolfe defines the term:
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    Perhaps I should explain what I mean by “drivel.” I could write “lies,” but these are only possible to those who have criteria for the truth. Drivel is what people talk who have no such criteria. The fact that what they’re saying may be true, or untrue, is of no significance to them. It is enough that it sounds plausible. The truthful man knows when he is lying; the postmodern man neither knows nor cares. He can believe himself “good,” as drivellers will do, because truth doesn’t come into it.
    Note: On drivel.
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    Despite Mr. Trump’s insistence that he is funding his bid on his own, his own campaign website, not to mention federal campaign-finance records, show he is indeed raising campaign cash. His campaign’s website features a large “DONATE” button, and Mr. Trump’s Federal Election Commission report shows that in the quarter ended Sept. 30, he spent only $100,800 of his own money, while raising $3.8 million from what his campaign called “unsolicited” donors, 119 of whom gave the maximum $2,700 contribution. He received 317 checks for $1,000 or more. The biggest recipient of Trump campaign...
    Note: Follow the money.
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