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    It’s increasingly a rule of the NBA that the age of 27 is when stars are finally ready to win titles on teams built around them. That’s how old Isiah Thomas was in 1989, Michael Jordan was in 1991 and LeBron James was in 2012. That was even the age of Stephen Curry last year. This year’s NBA playoffs have two more players who would add themselves to The 27 Club with their first championships. They are Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and they happen to play for the same team.
    Note: Destiny?
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    A remarkable 1-in-10 voters say they wouldn’t vote for either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump, a reflection of both candidates’ unusually bad public images, and 47% say they would consider an independent or third-party candidate in the fall, up from 40% in the spring of 2012 and 38% in the winter of 2008. Half of voters in the current poll say they wouldn’t consider an independent or third-party candidate.
    Note: #Renegade
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    In fact, a study by the Left-leaning Brookings Institution finds that $229 billion in welfare expenditures between 1970 and 1996 can be attributed to the breakdown of the marriage culture and the resulting exacerbation of social ills: teen pregnancy, poverty, crime, drug abuse, and health problems.25 A 2008 study found that divorce and unwed childbearing cost taxpayers $112 billion each year.26 And Utah State University scholar David Schramm has estimated that divorce alone costs local, state, and federal government $33 billion each year.27
    Note: Your "private" life has public costs.
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    The moves continue to shuffle the size rankings of U.S. cities. Washington, D.C., grew to surpass Boston in population last year. Portland, Ore., Oklahoma City and Las Vegas all became bigger than Baltimore. Wichita, Kan., New Orleans and Arlington, Texas, gained enough people that they were bigger than Cleveland last year. Seattle and Denver topped Detroit, pushing it out of the top 20 for the first time since the 1850s.
    Note: Cities of the new economy.
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    The Clinton contradiction is that she claims she’ll produce economic results like her husband did with economic policies like Mr. Obama’s.
    Note: We aren't going back to the 1990s.
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