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  • Jon shared from The Secret Agent a Simple Tale by Joseph Conrad
    The contemplation of the infirm and lonely steed overcame him.  Jostled, but obstinate, he would remain there, trying to express the view newly opened to his sympathies of the human and equine misery in close association.  But it was very difficult.  “Poor brute, poor people!” was all he could repeat.  It did not seem forcible enough, and he came to a stop with an angry splutter: “Shame!”  Stevie was no master of phrases, and perhaps for that very reason his thoughts lacked clearness and precision.  But he felt with greater completeness and some profundity.  That little word contained...
    Note: Empathy
  • Jon shared from
    The suspect in the incidents is a naturalized American citizen whose family came to the U.S. from Afghanistan when he was a child. “These attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system, which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals coming into our country,” Mr. Trump said at a rally in Estero, Fla.
    Note: Trump admin will know which children will become Islamist radicals as adults.
  • Jon shared from Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott (Francis Scott) Fitzgerald
    Clergymen haven't got glands--they have souls.
    Note: F. Scott Fitzgerald on the clergy.
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    New Presidents tend to do what they promise. Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to make even a policy gesture to the middle suggests she thinks Mr. Trump gives Democrats an opening to retake Congress and revive the progressive glory days of 2009-2010. That’s a warning for Republicans not to stay home on Election Day even if they can’t vote for Mr. Trump.
    Note: Eschew the binary. Empower the downticket office.
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    “The Trump campaign is a lost cause,” said former Rep. Vin Weber, a lobbyist who supported Ohio Gov. John Kasich. “The Congress is still salvageable. The whole Trump campaign is built on a false premise: You can’t write off everyone except working-class, white voters.”
    Note: Cut your losses, citizens.
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Jon Weatherly