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  • Jon shared from Paul and the Faithfulness of God: Two Book Set (Christian Origins and the Question of God 4) by N. T. Wright
    An old, rather unpleasant joke used to go the rounds, about someone who had been to see God and, on returning, declared, ‘She’s black!’ Something of the same shock was felt around the pagan world of late antiquity by the declaration of ‘good news’ which went like this: we have a new lord of the world; and he’s a crucified Jew, raised from the dead! Ridiculous, offensive, scandalous; just what we might expect from a new worldview.
    Note: A thought for Sunday from Professor Wright:
  • Jon shared from William Shakespeare: Complete Collection of Works with analysis and historical background (Annotated and Illustrated) (Annotated Classics) by William Shakespeare
    Now will I look to his remuneration. Remuneration! O! that's the Latin word for three farthings: three farthings,
    Note: Inflation
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    A person with no animus against homosexuals can reasonably believe that the only justification for the state to get involved in marriage—formerly a church concern—is that it has an interest in encouraging, by inheritance laws, the reproduction of society by the strong two-parent families that, mountains of research show, raise the happiest and most successful children. For someone who remembers the 1960s push to get the government out of the bedroom, the current urgency of homosexuals to drag the government back to bed seems bizarre. You don’t need Lois Lerner or Barack Obama to tell you...
    Note: Classical liberalism and the enforcement of established dogma.
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    About 14.3% of college students were diagnosed with or treated for anxiety problems during the past year, and 12% were diagnosed with or treated for depression, according to a spring 2014 survey of 79,266 college students by the American College Health Association. That is up from 10.4% for anxiety and 10.2% for depression in the fall 2008 survey. Anxiety and depression are the most common disorders, according to the survey.
    Note: Mental heath stats for undergrads.
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    Well—hold on. Liberals have instructed us time and again that corporations aren’t people or persons, that companies cannot express speech and have no right to engage in politics. But now Tim Cook is celebrated for delivering a moral lecture to Hoosiers on behalf of Apple because liberals agree with him. Perhaps Mr. Cook and other CEOs who’ve criticized Indiana should reconsider their offices in China and other places around the world that have contempt for human rights, or in some cases open hostility to gays and lesbians.
    Note: Corporations ARE people . . . when they say what's approved.
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