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    America’s founders—both its leaders and those protesting in the streets and fighting the British Army—saw immigrants as vital to the mission of the fledgling nation. The Declaration of Independence accused King George III of “obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners” and refusing “to encourage their migrations” into the colonies. To the Founders, the king’s restrictions on immigration were evidence of his desire to keep the colonies backward and under his thumb. In the newly independent United States, they firmly believed, immigration would accelerate economic development...
    Note: The founders loved immigrants.
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    “Democratic capitalism,” he wrote, is “neither the Kingdom of God nor without sin. Yet all other known systems of political economy are worse. Such hope as we have for alleviating poverty and for removing oppressive tyranny—perhaps our last, best hope—lies in this much despised system.”
    Note: From the late Michael Novak:
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    exactly a recipe for a good marriage. I have been troubled to discover how many young women, including patients of mine and their contemporaries, accept the premises of movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and consider behavior that is perverse and degrading as liberated, and not just in fantasy. Though very few of them, fortunately, include physical masochism in their repertoires, many tolerate casual hookups with would-be partners and endure sex without pleasure. They hope to please the difficult men in their lives and win their love, like junior varsity versions of the “Fifty Shades”...
    Note: "Harmless entertainment"
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    Despite their self-consciously naughty accouterments, the “Fifty Shades” movies are actually a steamy variant of a very old fantasy: the idea that the love of a good woman—and in this case, her submission to degrading sexual practices to save her beloved from his tortured past—can transform a cold man into a warm one. But it never does. It’s a pernicious fantasy of relentless hope, whose harmful effects I see every day in my psychotherapy practice (and experienced, fortunately long ago, in my own life).
    Note: 100 Shades of False
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    “We don’t have free trade because we’re the only one that makes it easy to come into the country,” he said.
    Note: This is nonsense, of course, another #alternativefact.
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