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  • Jon shared from Invisible Man (Vintage International) by Ralph Ellison
    I was never more hated than when I tried to be honest. Or when, even as just now I’ve tried to articulate exactly what I felt to be the truth. No one was satisfied—not even I. On the other hand, I’ve never been more loved and appreciated than when I tried to “justify” and affirm someone’s mistaken beliefs; or when I’ve tried to give my friends the incorrect, absurd answers they wished to hear. In my presence they could talk and agree with themselves, the world was nailed down, and they loved it. They received a feeling of security. But here was the rub: Too often, in order to justify...
    Note: The Invisible Man in society:
  • Jon shared from Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ with Bonus Content (Designed for Influence) by Dallas Willard
    Today we as a culture are schizophrenic on such matters. We want to say it doesn’t make any difference what we look at or hear. This, no doubt, is because we want to be “free” to show anything and to see anything—no matter how evil and revolting. But businesses still pay millions of dollars to show us something for thirty seconds on television. They do that because they know that what we repeatedly see and hear affects what we do. Otherwise they would go out of business.
    Note: Dallas Willard on icons in our world.
  • Jon shared from Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ with Bonus Content (Designed for Influence) by Dallas Willard
    WHEN GOD STANDS BEFORE us, we stand before him. Refusing to worship him is a way of trying to avoid his face and his eyes. Two-and-a-half-year-old Larissa was enjoying water in the back yard with “Nana.” Nana gently counseled her to water the purple flowers, but she had just discovered mud by pouring water on a small patch of dirt. Nana told her not to put water on the dirt because it makes mud and mud will “get everything dirty.” Well, mud it was anyway, and the little girl even put the mud into a small tub of water nearby, calling it then “warm chocolate.” Nana, who had been reading...
    Note: Dallas Willard on privacy.
  • Jon shared from Cruel When Not Kind in the City Journal section of City Journal by Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
    Sentimentality toward some is often accompanied by brutal and unfeeling rage toward others. The sentimental are often cruel, and the cruel sentimental—a point worth bearing in mind.
    Note: Theodore Dalrymple on an ironic pattern of human behavior:
  • Jon shared from General News: More Moms Staying Home With Children in the U.S. NEWS section of The Wall Street Journal by Laura Meckler
    In 2012, 29% of mothers with children under age 18 stayed home, a figure that has been climbing since 1999, when it hit a modern low of 23%, the Pew Research Center reported Tuesday. Before 1999, the share had been falling since 1967, when about half of moms stayed home. Pew attributed the trend to a mix of demographic, economic and societal factors—including an increase in immigrant families, for whom it is more common to have a mother stay at home, and a rise in the number of women who said they were disabled and unable to work. The vast majority of married stay-at-home mothers—85%—say...
    Note: Larger forces at work in the labor market.
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