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I work at Amazon.com in Seattle. I went to college at Swarthmore. I grew up in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, Fort Wayne Indiana, and Farmington Hills Michgan. I enjoy Irish poetry, volleyball, soccer, gardening, & unix.

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  • Jordan shared from Wintering Out by Seamus Heaney
    A stagger in air as if a language failed, a sleight of wing. A snipe’s bleat is fleeing its nesting ground into dialect, into variants, transliterations whirr on the nature reserves – little goat of the air, of the evening, little goat of the frost. It is his tail-feathers drumming elegies in the slipstream of wild goose and yellow bittern as he corkscrews away into the vaults that we live off, his flight through the sniper’s eyrie, over twilit earthworks and wall-steads, disappearing among gleanings and leavings in the combs of a fieldworker’s archive.
    Note: Today, I'm sad that the world has lost Seamus Heaney, and I'm grateful to have heard him read. There is so much warmth and beauty in his work.
(Seattle, WA United States)
Jordan Hay