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  • Justin shared from Classical Music: The 50 Greatest Composers and Their 1,000 Greatest Works by Phil G. Goulding
    Violin—All emotions Viola—Gloomy melancholy Cello—All emotions, but more he-mannish than a violin Piccolo—Wild kind of gaiety Oboe—Rustic kind of gaiety, also pathos Trumpet—Bold, martial, cavalry-is-coming sound Tuba—Power, possible brutality English horn—Dreamy melancholy Clarinet—Eloquence and tenderness, in the middle range
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    Note: 233 to death
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    孙悟空戴上紧箍之后,三藏饭也不吃,唱起了红歌《紧箍咒》。这一曲红歌比起观世音自己创作的那曲还要难听,连金属听了都要收缩。于是孙悟空大感头疼。 红歌可以使金属收缩,这事听起来不可思议。其实并不难理解,红歌强大到连精神病都能治好,已经是不争的事实,各大媒体都有报道。至于那些不相信红歌可以使金属收缩的人,组织上断定,这些人的精神病亟待用红歌来治疗。
    Note: @liumiao 老师逗死我了
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    南都周刊:《环球时报》的总编辑胡锡进,以及《人民日报》都公开表达了对你的赞赏。 韩寒:这是他们自作多情,明显会错意了。只有批评了权贵才有资格批评民众,没有前者就没有后者。不先批评政府就没有资格批评右派。《环球时报》没这个资格。
    Note: 哈哈,韩寒这句话说的太解气了。。。
  • Justin shared from Ethnic America: A History by Thomas Sowell
    The New York Times became an internationally famous institution after being bought by Adolph Ochs in 1896. Joseph Pulitzer, who was half-Jewish, developed the St. Louis Dispatch and The New York World and established the Pulitzer prize."'
    Note: 犹太人真牛逼
  • Justin shared from Ethnic America: A History by Thomas Sowell
    One indication of the economic condition of eastern European immigrant Jews at this time was that a proposal to require each new immigrant to have twenty-five dollars in cash with him before being admitted to the United States sent alarm and anger throughout the lower east side Jewish community." Most of them had not had one-third of this much when they arrived in America."
    Note: 可怜又牛逼的犹太人
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    Some settled among German farmers in Pennsylvania. Some settled in the Midwest, often among other Germans.24 Others followed the wagons to the western frontier. The heavy denim trousers called Levis were named after one of these German-Jewish peddlers, Levi Strauss.25
    Note: Levis是犹太品牌,呃。。。
  • Justin shared from a Personal Document
    The real story of the German Americans is not so much what they have achieved for themselves as what they have contributed to the development of the United States-in industry, science, culture, military strength, and recreation. Americans of all racial and ethnic origins are a different people-and a more prosperous people-because of the many contributions of German Americans.
    Note: 看完德国的了,该犹太人了
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    A German immigrant named Charles P. Steinmetz, a crippled man barely four feet tall, became famous for his scientific genius, which helped shape the history of electricity. The General Electric Corporation was built around this man and his many patented inventions.
    Note: wow