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  • KD shared from Class Action by Chris James
    “By enhancing the sensitivity of pleasure receptors in the brain, Excretion 3000 will allow you to experience the ultimate pleasure many, many times every single day. Excretion 3000: fill your life with the pleasure you deserve!”
    Note: I can see a potential class-action suit for this product. ;-)
  • KD shared from Bay's End by Edward Lorn
    There are true evils here, locked away in the safe boxes of my mind. They need to be let out, but I’ve misplaced the key. Where we go now, we go because I need to. There is no want involved. If I am to replace these demons with hopes of a normal future, I must delve into deeper, darker territory.
    Note: Loving this book: Bay's End.
  • KD shared from Dissolute Kinship: A 9/11 Road Trip by David Antrobus
    The idiot wind gathered strength everywhere. Trust me, I love the idea of America. I love its large horizons. Those Americans I met along the way were good and kind people. It’s just that the politicians and their media lapdogs are front-and-centre there. I think we might need the artists and the gear heads, the dancers and grade schoolers and construction workers and reporters and nurses and biologists and priests and grocery store clerks and waitresses and librarians and firefighters and soccer players and poets and research scientists and astronauts to be more involved in the process of how...
    Note: David Antrobus: A 9/11 Road Trip. -- The average American is very different from the typical U.S. politician. Thankfully there are people in the world that recognize this. Great story about the aftermath of 9/11.
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