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I'm a writer and web developer ... motorcycle instructor ... transplanted southerner living in the damp Pacific Northwest. Love mysteries and science fiction -- philosophy and psychology. Also drawn to technical books on web design and usability.

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    According to data from the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (an industry group), coal mining has already occurred on 5 million acres of U.S land (about 7,800 square miles), with another 450,000 square miles of coal seams yet to be touched. Compared to that, 12,000 square miles of solar collectors is small potatoes. There are, however, two important caveats in this calculation. One is that according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electrical power is only about 40% of total energy needs. So if we want to use solar power for all of our energy needs, that 100 x 120 mile array becomes...
    Note: Solar collection versus coal mining...
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    Once you’ve invested in something, in anything, any idea, it can be traumatic to change your mind, and it can be unsettling to other ideas that you have in your head because they’re all linked together. I think that’s why a major conversion, whether it’s religious, political, social, always shakes a person all the way down to their foundation.
    Note: More Nancy Kress
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    I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself trembling on the verge of depression, and then gotten angry, and that has reenergized you. Anger has that ability. That’s one reason we get some of the demagogues in the world that we get. Anger can be preferable to despair on an individual level. It is not, however, very good on a societal level.
    Note: Nancy Kress interview from the summer. Prescient.
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    Newspapers in Taiwan reported last monththat a Trump Organization representative had visited the country, expressing interest in perhaps developing a hotel project adjacent to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which is undergoing a major expansion. The mayor of Taoyuan, Cheng Wen-tsan, was quoted as confirming that visit.
    Note: you have got to be kidding me
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    The “future“ that has already arrived, that snuck in without anyone noticing, is not the tech-enabled utopia we spent the latter half of the twentieth century waiting for, the one we mostly see outside our windows, lacking only jetpacks and hoverboards and interstellar travel. The future is not the tech utopia where we carry computers in our pockets capable of accessing the sum total of human knowledge at any moment. That world, alas, is the past. The future that’s here, unevenly distributed, is the postapocalyptic wasteland. The future is dystopia, and its population is growing.
    Note: Much to think about here. What if ... the future is more accurately reflected by refuges than by riches and abundance?
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