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  • Kelvin shared from 999: New Stories Of Horror And Suspense by Al Sarrantonio
    Note: this ebook makes good reading while waiting
  • Kelvin shared from First Activation by Darren Wearmouth, M.P. Wearmouth
    Note: I'm looking forward to finding out who the true master minds are.
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    the booze guaranteed that oblivion wasn’t going to be too far off. He should have felt remorse, even shame at the state he’d got himself into, but lately his give-a-fuck meter had been broken, and he wasn’t planning to get it fixed anytime soon.
    Note: The Hole
  • Kelvin shared from Beacon (Part I) (Beacon Saga Serial Book 1) by Jonathan C. Gillespie
    Note: #fridayreads just starting to read.
  • Kelvin shared from FEAR: A Modern Anthology Of Horror And Terror - Volume 1 by Crooked Cat
    Being a woman not normally given to self-examination it was easy for her to reach swift conclusions so after the affair it hadn't been difficult for her to lay the blame for it on her husband since he had been gone for his annual two-week National Guard training and shouldn't have left her alone.
    Note: People can justify anything.
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