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  • Ken shared from Everyday Church: Gospel Communities on Mission (Re:Lit) by Tim Chester, Steve Timmis
    We have become outsiders just as Jesus was an outsider. We are marginal in our culture because Jesus is marginal. The cross is the ultimate expression of marginalization and to follow him is to take up our cross daily. It is daily to experience marginalization and hostility. Being on the margins is normal Christian experience. Christendom was the aberration. Rather than assume we should have a voice in the media or on Main Street, we need to regain the sense that anything other than persecution is an unexpected
    Note: What it really means for Christians to live as sojourners, aliens and strangers, in this culture:
  • Ken shared from What Is the Gospel? (Foreword by D. A. Carson) (9Marks) by Greg Gilbert
    Repentance is not just an optional plug-in to the Christian life. It is absolutely crucial to it, marking out those who have been saved by God from those who have not.
    Note: Gilbert on the necessity of repentance:
  • Ken shared from The Practice of Godliness: Godliness has value for all things by Jerry Bridges
    The fruit of patience in all its aspects—long-suffering, forbearance, endurance, and perseverance—is a fruit that is most intimately associated with our devotion to God. All character traits of godliness grow out of and have their foundation in our devotion to God, but the fruit of patience must grow out of that relationship in a particular way. Only as we fear God will we submit to the trials He sends or allows. And only as we deeply apprehend His love for us in Christ will we find the courage to bear up under them. Trials always change our relationship with God. Either they drive us to Him,...
    Note: Good words on growing in patience:
  • Ken shared from Sex and Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies by Paul David Tripp
    Either you are working to fund the success of your kingdom, or you are giving yourself in service of the kingdom of God. At street level either you are worshiping King Christ and giving yourself to what he says is important, or you are worshiping King Money and giving yourself to the pursuit of money and the comfort, pleasure, possessions, and power it can buy. There really is no neutral ground.
    Note: Preparing to teach on Ecclesiastes. This quote is alarming.
  • Ken shared from Proverbs: Wisdom That Works by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.
    Wisdom is the gospel of Christ reshaping us for royalty, as God places us on his anvil and we trust him enough to stay there until his work is done.
    Note: Wisdom from above, found here...
  • Ken shared from The Practice of Godliness: Godliness has value for all things by Jerry Bridges
    The truly godly person never forgets that he was at one time an object of God’s holy and just wrath.
  • Ken shared from Jesus the King by Timothy Keller
    The preacher and theologian Jonathan Edwards, in his book The Nature of True Virtue, addressed this a long time before Peter Singer. If you don’t believe the gospel of grace, says Edwards, if you believe you’re saved by your works, then you’ve never done anything for the love of others or for the sheer beauty of it; you’ve done it for yourself. You haven’t helped the proverbial little old lady across the street just for her sake—or in the end, for God’s sake. You’ve done it because then you can look at yourself in the mirror and know that you’re the kind of person who helps little...
    Note: Keller and Edwards on the drudgery of works righteousness...
  • Ken shared from Jesus the King by Timothy Keller
    Be so sacrificially loving that the people around you, who don’t believe what you believe, will soon be unable to imagine the place without you. They’ll trust you because they see that you’re not only out for yourself, but out for them, too. When they voluntarily begin to look up to you because of the attractiveness of your service and love, you’ll have real influence. It will be an influence given to you by others, not taken by you from others.” Who is the model for that way of gaining influence? It’s Jesus himself, of course. How did he respond to his enemies? He didn’t call down...
    Note: Loving your city...
  • Ken shared from The Path of Celtic Prayer: An Ancient Way to Everyday Joy by Calvin Miller
    Note: From The Stowe Missal
  • Ken shared from C.H. Spurgeon on Spiritual Leadership by Steve Miller
    Because God is the living God, He can hear; because He is a loving God, He will hear; because He is our covenant God, He has bound Himself to hear.16
    Note: Spurgeon gold
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