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    the most rebellious choice you can make as a mom is to maintain your individual identity.
    Note: From the parenting guide I never had -
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    Understand: as an individual you cannot stop the tide of fantasy and escapism sweeping a culture. But you can stand as an individual bulwark to this trend and create power for yourself.
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    Thinking, Change Your Life (John C. Maxwell) - Note on Page 77 | Loc. 1113 | Added on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 07:25 PM Key questions to ask every day from @johncmaxwell ========== We
    Note: Weird or dumb. We get to pick.
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    When I reflect, I think in terms of my values, relationships, and experiences. Here are some sample questions: Personal Growth: What have I learned today that will help me grow? How can I apply it to my life? When should I apply it? Adding Value: To whom did I add value today? How do I know I added value to that
    Note: Key questions to ask every day from @johncmaxwell
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