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  • Kenrick shared from a Personal Document
    What you hear is the key to everything. Many of the commonest errors in pronunciation, particularly in languages which are not phonetic (and no language is perfectly phonetic) arise from pronouncing a word as it looks as though it ought to be pronounced rather than how one actually hears it.
    Note: pronounce words as you hear them, not how they look
  • Kenrick shared from a Personal Document
    When seeking language-lessons, students are again inclined to seek opportunities to speak. This is crazy. Opportunities to speak are easy to find; if necessary one can talk to oneself. What one needs are opportunities to listen in a privileged situation, where one can ask if one does not understand or seek further explanation of things said.
    Note: input > output wheb learning a language
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    If you don’t want caffeine to affect your sleep. Don’t drink it after 3pm.
    Note: now you tell me ...
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    Learning English by watching movies is learning by input. The learning process is similar. First you get lots of correct English sentences into your head. Then you can imitate them and you can make your own sentences. And isn’t that why you are learning English — to be able to make your own sentences? That is why watching movies (just like reading books) is such a great way to learn English.
    Note: s/English/Japanese/g
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    A person who knows one kanji and a person who knows two thousand are not the same person. They’re not even the same type of person. But it all happened just five to ten kanji at a time. That’s the weird part. The steps are small — IRL, they’re almost pathetically small.
    Note: Weird how this happens…