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  • Kent shared from Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich
    I didn’t want to kill it. I didn’t do it to have something to see, or a story to tell. I killed it so we could make it through the winter. If you kill something on this mountain, you better have a damn good reason. We hunt for necessity up here. Fools hunt for sport. That bear kept us warm and fed us for months. I owed it that much. You understand what I mean by ‘I owed it’?” “I
  • Kent shared from Rewind, Playback by Ben Wakeman
    The beauty of a place, like its eyesores goes largely unnoticed by the people who live there. The slow march of time and the hulking steamroller of routine have a way of flattening the landscape until all that remains of what we call home is a monochromatic plane that stretches out in all directions as far as the eye can see.
  • Kent shared from Saints at the River: A Novel by Ron Rash
    When I got back to the office, thirty e-mails awaited me. The first was from Allen, who was in Cheraw. He’d driven there to do a story about a woman who claimed to be Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe’s love child.
    Note: Three pages after I shared that last part, a reference to my hometown.
  • Kent shared from Saints at the River: A Novel by Ron Rash
    But time isn’t something you can rein in. It moves on without pause, taking us with it no matter how much we wish otherwise.
  • Kent shared from South of the Big Four by Don Kurtz
    Kendra turned to me. “Maybe,” she said, “it’s just lack of judgment. Or maybe you don’t care. A twelve-year-old doesn’t belong behind the wheel of a vehicle. Common sense ought to tell you that.” “I got some common sense,” I said, “and most of it I picked up when I was his age or younger, driving equipment a hell of a lot more balky than this truck. It doesn’t hurt him to be out with the men some, seeing how things are done.
(Rancho DeNada,Texas USA)
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