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    An out-of-touch Westminster elite, we said, was speaking a different language to the rest of London,
    Note: 188 years ago
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    He went on, “What distinguishes first category from second? Define, please.” (Nobody taught Mike to say “please.” He started including formal null-sounds as he progressed from Loglan to English. Don’t suppose he meant them any more than people do.)
    Note: @hunterwalk
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    I had nicknamed him for Mycroft Holmes, in a story written by Dr. Watson before he founded IBM.
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    At the curb, one of them summoned a cruising cab with his wrist screen and the three of them climbed into it.
    Note: Uber and Apple Watch prior art
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    the orthodox stylebooks are ill equipped to deal with an inescapable fact about language: it changes over time. Language is not a protocol legislated by an authority but rather a wiki that pools the contributions of millions of writers and speakers, who ceaselessly bend the language to their needs and who inexorably age, die, and get replaced by their children, who adapt the language in their turn.
    Note: This sums up so well what i have learned working on standards over the years
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