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I work at Lab126 as a director of legal, where I've supported the hardware, software, operations and other teams developing the Kindle for Amazon since 2008.<br /><br />I like to read science fiction and science fact, with a little smattering of other non-fiction.<br /><br />I have 3 kids (11, 9 and 5), 2 dogs (Corgi and Golden Doodle) and have been married 18 years to my beautiful wife. On weekends you can usually find me carrying towels and parkas for my kids at swim meets.

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  • Kevin shared from The Return: Book IV of Voyagers (The Grand Tour 20) by Ben Bova
    “Religions are always out-of-date,” Stoner replied. “They’re designed to be conservative, to hold on to the values that the community has built up over previous generations.” “But when they’re faced with a new situation, with an environment that’s changing rapidly . . .” “They either change or crumble away,” Stoner finished his wife’s thought.
  • Kevin shared from The Goliath Stone by Larry Niven, Matthew Joseph Harrington
    Always be suspicious of a culture whose cuisine is based on ingredients with no expiration date.”
    Note: I guess this applies equally to the French (wine and cheese) and Americans (McDonald's hamburgers)
  • Kevin shared from Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer
    learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace,
  • Kevin shared from Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer
    "Humans are unique in believing in divine omnipotence and omniscience," said T'kna. "The true God is not a form idealized; he/she/it is real and therefore, by definition, imperfect; only an abstraction can be free of flaws. And since God is imperfect, there will be suffering."
    Note: Alien discussion of "god"
  • Kevin shared from Treason by Orson Scott Card
    Once someone honestly believes something to be a fact, he’ll never doubt it without pretty convincing evidence.”
    Note: This is why being first to plant your ideas is often best
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