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  • Kippoe shared from Lone Wolf #1: Night Raider (Prologue Crime) by Mike Barry
    A pity in a way because if Scotti had still had some fight Wulff might have killed him. Killing this type was a pleasure;
  • Kippoe shared from A Swollen Red Sun by Matthew McBride
    “It’s hotter than two rats fuckin’ in a wool sock out there.”
  • Kippoe shared from A Swollen Red Sun by Matthew McBride
    He’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. He was not going to die in a mobile home that smelled like cat shit.
  • Kippoe shared from The Fourth Corpse - Dead Men's Music [Illustrated] by Norman A. Daniels
    Sullivan wished then that he carried a gun. Until now only a pencil had been his weapon of defense, but it wouldn’t be a very lethal weapon to use against a three-time murderer.
  • Kippoe shared from Thirty Years of THE ROCKFORD FILES by Ed Robertson
    I staked out that guy, only it didn’t work out like you said. Please call me—Room 234, County Hospital.
  • Kippoe shared from Shocking Detective Stories - 7 Popular Detective Pulp Fiction Shorts by C.K.M. Scanlon
    He flung me to the sidewalk, where I cracked off a perfectly good piece of cement.
  • Kippoe shared from Pulp Art by Robert Lesser
    The Code of Doc Savage 1.  Let me strive, every moment of my life, to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit from it. 2.  Let me think of the right, and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard for anything but justice. 3.  Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage. 4.  Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say or do. 5.  Let me do right to all, and wrong to no man.
  • Kippoe shared from Blonde Bait - 5 Spicy Tales! by Robert Leslie Bellem, Jerome Severs Perry, Ellery Watson Calder
    “You can't make anything stick on me, Sherlock. You lay off me, or I'll have Charlie the Finger feed you some lead pills.”
  • Kippoe shared from The Greek Coffin Mystery by Ellery Queen
    There is pattern but no logic in criminality. It is your task to cohere confusion, to bring order out of chaos.”
  • Kippoe shared from Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness (Open Road) by William Styron
    I would never recapture a lucidity that was slipping away from me with terrifying speed.
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