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Kurt Willems (M.Div., Fresno Pacific) is the founding pastor of Pangea Communities - a movement of peace, justice, & hope. He is also a graduate student at the University of Washington focusing on early Christianity, Greco-Roman Religions, and Classical Languages. Kurt writes for various print and online publications including his site The Pangea Blog and is also on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.<br /><br />Through his Patheos blog, Kurt writes broadly on themes related to Anabaptism within post-Christendom. Inviting the church to see the beauty of a nonviolent Jesus and the subversive nature of God’s Kingdom are just some of the key issues he engages. Kurt also utilizes the blogosphere to wrestle with various other theological, missional, formational, and cultural topics. Through speaking and writing, he invites others to both know and follow the resurrected Jesus on a countercultural mission of love. His first book project is currently in the works.

Recent Activity

  • Kurt shared from Selling Water by the River: A Book about the Life Jesus Promised and the Religion That Gets in the Way by Shane Hipps
    However, we must be careful not to confuse Christ with Christianity. One is the river; the other sells water by the river. Christ is the river; the Christian religion attempts to package and provide access to water that is readily available to anyone at any time. Often the merchant gets in the way of the water it wants to provide. Ironically, the religion that proclaims Jesus sometimes builds the biggest barriers to him.
    Note: powerful image…
  • Kurt shared from The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
    Our house is almost at
  • Kurt shared from Eucharist (Catholic Spirituality for Adults) by Robert Barron
    Erasmo l.eiva-Merikakis comments, "The deepest meaning of Christian discipleship is not to work for Jesus but to he withJesus."
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Kurt Willems