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Pastor of many, father of two, husband of one. Forgetful, frank and foolish at times, but deeply grateful.

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  • Les shared from The Sanctuary by Ted Dekker
    Respect was critical in prison, not of correctional officers as much as of other inmates. Cross into the personal space of a CO and you were likely to be ignored unless you were belligerent. But disrespecting another inmate with anything from a harsh look to an angry word could earn you unending trouble. Take a man’s freedom and he will cling to those few needs that make him human: his need for respect and his need for dignity. Take those and he will become an animal.
    Note: Interesting insight into prison culture and men in general. Eggerich's Love & Respect comes to mind.
  • Les shared from On the Anvil by Max Lucado
    “Lord,” I said, “I want to be your man, not my own. So to you I give my money, my car—even my home.” Then, smug and content, I relaxed with a smile And whispered to God, “I bet it’s been a while Since anyone has given so much—so freely?” His answer surprised me. He replied, “Not really. “Not a day has gone by since the beginning of time, That someone hasn’t offered meager nickels and dimes, Golden altars and crosses, contributions and penance, Stone monuments and steeples; but why not repentance? “The money, the statues, the cathedrals you’ve built, Do you really think...
  • Les shared from Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Prayer by MUNROE MYLES
    God's plan is for man to desire what He desires, to will what He wills, and to ask Him to accomplish His purposes in the world so that goodness and truth may reign on the earth rather than evil and darkness. In this sense, prayer is man giving God the freedom to intervene in earth's affairs. In other words,Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference.
    Note: Reading this with Yvonne right now. Great explanation of prayer!
  • Les shared from Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Prayer by MUNROE MYLES
    WHAT IS PRAYER?• Prayer is man giving God the legal right and permission to interfere in earth's affairs.• Prayer is man giving heaven earthly license to influence earth.• Prayer is a terrestrial license for celestial interference.• Prayer is man exercising his legal authority on earth to invoke heaven's influence on the planet.
    Note: Amen. If everyone believed these four things about prayer, how much more prayer there would be!
  • Les shared from Imagine: Believe in the Power of a Dream by Frank Damazio
    Begin to lift your prayer life up and enlarge your prayers. When Jesus was speaking with the woman at the well, He said, “If you knew who you were talking to, you would ask more than you are asking.” Do you know who you are talking to?
    Note: When you pray, do you now who you're talking to?
(Courtice, Ontario, Canada)
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