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Leslie Michael Orchard is a hacker, tinkerer, and creative technologist working in the Ann Arbor / Detroit, MI area. He lives with two spotted Ocicats, two dwarf bunnies, and a very patient and understanding wife. On rare occasions when spare time comes in copious amounts, he plays around with odd bits of code and writing, sharing them on his Web site named 0xDECAFBAD (http://decafbad.com/).

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  • Leslie shared from Welcome to Bordertown by Holly Black, Ellen Kushner
    That’s where art comes from, Jimmy, my friend. From our weirdnesses and our differences, from our manic fixations, our obsessions, our passions. From all those wild and wacky things that make each of us unique.”
    Note: where art comes from
  • Leslie shared from Rule 34 (Halting State Book 2) by Charles Stross
    Throw the switch, bait the line, send the signal.
    Note: almost a front 242 reference
  • Leslie shared from Rule 34 (Halting State Book 2) by Charles Stross
    You’re going clean, the cleanest you’ve been: an end to the tears and the in-between . . . yes.
    Note: nice depeche mode reference
  • Leslie shared from Rule 34 (Halting State Book 2) by Charles Stross
    Publicity surrounding the Morningside Cannibals has led to a spate of copy-cat offences against sanity, some of them literally so (as in: There are folks dining on cloned haunch of pedigree Siamese tonight). There’s an anonymous perp randomly posting upskirt videos on neighbourhood blogs, captured by a microcam strapped to one of the too-tame squirrels in the Botanic Gardens. Moxie’s looking for the fabber source of some disturbingly simple meth-lab-in-a-brick chemistry kits that are circulating among the usual numpties in Lochend, and there’s the regular slew of urban-legend queries from...
    Note: i think i just pulled a muscle laughing at @charlesstross in Rule 34
  • Leslie shared from Freedom (TM) (Daemon Book 2) by Daniel Suarez
    “Just look at corn and soybeans, subsidized with taxpayer money—creating a market that wouldn’t otherwise make sense. Why? So agribusiness firms have cheap inputs to make processed food. The taxpayers are basically subsidizing corporations to make crap, when we could have grown real food on our own. But, of course, they’ve made growing food illegal now. . . .”
    Note: kind of makes me think of the lady gardening in her front yard in Oak Park
  • Leslie shared from a Personal Document
    When you’re off-duty, do you find yourself still looking at the stars? I always look at the stars—they inspire and humble me.
    Note: interview with director of seti in lightspeed magazine
  • Leslie shared from a Personal Document
    However, there is a way in which certain manufactured objects serve the human species in a unique, and evolutionarily novel, manner. I am referring to a class of manufactured objects that are sometimes called ‘symbolic technologies’. These are specifically designed to represent, communicate and store knowledge. Such objects introduce a completely new element into human cognition: external, that is, nonbiological, memory storage (as in an encyclopaedia, for example). Non-biological memory media enable us to record and display complex ideas in highly accessible formats that are easy to revise...
    Note: let's see if i can share a paragraph from this paper i'm reading
  • Leslie shared from WWW: Wonder (WWW Trilogy Book 3) by Robert J. Sawyer
    “How?” asked the president “He’s involved, as I understand it, in millions of online conversations at once. And now he’s on Twitter and Facebook and MySpace.” “Not MySpace,” said Tony Moretti.
    Note: but, emergent ai's don't care about myspace
  • Leslie shared from WWW: Wonder (WWW Trilogy Book 3) by Robert J. Sawyer
    The president rotated in his high-back leather chair, and the other three crowded behind him as he typed in the address. “I see your incoming page request,” said Webmind. “Ah, you use Internet Explorer. You should really switch to Firefox; it’s more secure.”
    Note: even emergent ai's consulting heads of state recommend firefox
  • Leslie shared from WWW: Watch (WWW Trilogy Book 2) by Robert J. Sawyer
    Secrecy was the problem; transparency the obvious cure.
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