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  • Ludger shared from Open City by Teju Cole
    Note: Streetphotography mit Worten auf dem Hintergrund eines Psychogramms der Stadt New York. Großartig!
  • Ludger shared from Howards End is on the Landing: A year of reading from home by Susan Hill
    Note: Eine persönliche Geschichte der englischen Literatur - und ein Alptraum für Buchhändler.
  • Ludger shared from The Lure by Felice Picano
    Note: Schwuler Krimi-Klassiker, durchaus angestaubt, aber im Retro/Vintage-Sinne immer noch lesenswert.
  • Ludger shared from The End of Everything by Megan Abbott
    Note: Düster-melancholische Geschichte über zwei heranwachsende Mädchen, die ihre Sexualität entdecken.
  • Ludger shared from a Personal Document
    Roger Carbury did not believe in the Railway.  He did not believe in Fisker, nor in Melmotte, and certainly not in the Board generally.  Paul Montague had acted in opposition to his advice in yielding to the seductions of Fisker.  The whole thing was to his mind false, fraudulent, and ruinous.  Of what nature could be a Company which should have itself directed by such men as Lord Alfred Grendall and Sir Felix Carbury? 
    Note: Never belive in the railway.Anthony Trollope: The Way We Live Now#twwln
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