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I'm a youth pastor who has a BA and MA in Bible; studied Hebrew and Greek and enjoy being with my wife, playing sports, running, reading, and hanging out with kids in the youth group.

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  • M. shared from Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative, The by Steven D. Mathewson
    Don Sunukjian tells his students, “There is no communication advantage to standing behind a box. Jay Leno doesn’t do it. David Letterman doesn’t do it. When you have something important to say to your daughter, you don’t go look for a box behind which you can stand.”
  • M. shared from God Who Is There, The: Finding Your Place in God's Story by D. A. Carson
    Despite revisionist arguments advanced to prove that abolitionists had discovered it was more economical to abolish slavery than to maintain it, the realities were very different. For example, when slavery was finally abolished, the British government undertook to pay all the great sugarcane farmers of Jamaica and elsewhere under the British crown the price of the slaves to free them. The promise was for half the national GDP, and they undertook it not because it was going to save them money but because of Christian influence regarding what is right and wrong. That does not justify in the slightest...
  • M. shared from Preaching: A Biblical Theology by Jason C. Meyer
    “People learn how to use the Bible mostly from their teachers in church, so preachers have a better opportunity than anyone else to teach good biblical theology and to model a hermeneutically sound use of the Bible.”
  • M. shared from God Who Is There, The: Finding Your Place in God's Story by D. A. Carson
    When we feel in our hearts and minds, as we grow older, that there has to be something more—there has to be something more satisfying, there has to be something bigger—we are right to listen to that brooding voice, because we were made for God and our souls will be restless until we know him.
  • M. shared from God Who Is There, The: Finding Your Place in God's Story by D. A. Carson
    4. What the Bible says about creation is what grounds the notion of human accountability and responsibility. Why should I obey God? If he wants to take me in directions that I do not like, who is he to tell me what to do? Surely I am free to choose other gods or invent my own. I can belt out the popular song, “I did it my way.” Who is he to boss me around? I defy him. Unless he made me; unless he designed me. In that case I owe him everything—life and breath and everything else, such that if I do not see it that way then I am out of line with my Maker.
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M. Fant