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    If there were a manifesto for the Agile Diet, it would incorporate the following principles: Individual tastes over predefined menus Balanced nutrition over idiosyncratic diets Counting calories over following trends Responding to your environment over sticking to a diet plan
    Note: agile diet manifesto
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    In general, when we are unsure of ourselves, when the situation is unclear or ambiguous, when uncertainty reigns, we are most likely to look to and accept the actions of others as correct.
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    If my computer was this unreliable, I would throw it out the window. (Actually I might carry it all the way up to the 7th floor of an office building and then throw it out the window.) But we don’t do that with employees anymore these days
    Note: what a pity :D
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    don’t think that you’re safe with tools that call themselves Agile tools. The term “Agile” usually reflects their marketing, not their architecture. I’ve seen “Agile” tools that were less agile than Kim Jong-il stuck in a glacier.
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    The Project Management Institute’s PMP (Project Management Professional) certification seems to have quite rigorous requirements—they require their PMPs to take ongoing education classes, have a certain amount of experience, and so on. And I’m sorry to say that, although I’ve known good PMPs, it’s also true that the worst project managers I’ve met were PMPs who should never have been put in charge of a project. They were also the ones most proud of their certification, and most unaware of their deficiencies. I don’t know what the PMP means, but it does not mean “basic minimum of competence.”11
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    Chris Spagnuolo described that fun is a crucial part of motivation [Spagnuolo 2008]. It is also one of the themes in the best-selling book Fish! [Lundin 2000]. People will be better motivated when mundane tasks are made more enjoyable
    Note: Fish! :D /cc @sziveCSke
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    The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship is an example of the realization that the Agile Manifesto alone is not enough to achieve competence in software development organizations
    Note: so true
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    Sometimes it is necessary to abolish rules precisely to prevent people from blindly following them
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    Remove the green traffic light (false security) and car drivers will not blindly go full throttle on the assumption that they have priority over everybody else. Wipe away the crosswalk, and pedestrians will watch out for any dangerous vehicles (increased risk perception). This psychological phenomenon is also called risk compensation.14 Monderman claimed that the number of accidents diminished, and traffic throughput increased, in all situations where this concept was introduced. The idea is called shared space, which entails that all participants in traffic are equal, and that they all have to...
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