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  • Mark shared from a Personal Document
    Sol realized now that the machine god, whatever its form, was insightful enough to see that empathy was a response to others’ pain, but the same UI was too stupid to realize that empathy—in both human terms and the terms of humankind’s UI—was far more than that. Empathy and love were inseparable and inexplicable. The machine UI would never understand it—not even enough to use it as a lure for the part of the human UI who had tired of warfare in the distant future. Love, that most banal of things, that most clichéd of religious motivations, had more power—Sol now knew—than did strong...
    Note: Wise words
  • Mark shared from Asylum Bound by Stuart Townsend
    Years later the colleague would describe that first E.C.T. The doctors didn’t know how much electricity to pass between his temples so just wound up the volts until a seizure resulted. The records from this first E.C.T. show that once the patient had had the seizure he was quiet and still for some time. Regaining consciousness he sat up and said, “What the fuck are you arseholes trying to do?” Fair comment!
    Note: totally fair comment
  • Mark shared from Containment by Christian Cantrell
    She told her class once that meetings were not actually for communicating, but for fixing breakdowns in communication. In a well-run work environment, communication should be constant and efficient and organic, and formal meetings should almost never be necessary.
    Note: Great theory ..
  • Mark shared from Post-Human (Book 2) (Post-Human Series) by David Simpson
    “You’re not a god, you son of a bitch!” Old-timer spat at the A.I. “What kind of god takes pleasure in causing pain?” The A.I. smiled. “What kind of god doesn’t?”
    Note: Indeed.
  • Mark shared from Where the Hell is Matt?: Dancing Badly Around the World by Matt Harding
    Each day at my job felt like one day closer to death; go to work, come home, watch TV, one whole day lost and gone forever. When I traveled, no time felt wasted. I was alert and active. I was switched on.
    Note: words to live by
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