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  • Matthew shared from Shift Omnibus Edition (Shift 1-3) (Silo series Book 2) by Hugh Howey
    it was the hubris of each generation to think this anew, to think that their time was special, that all things would come to an end with them.
    Note: does every generation think the end is comming soon?
  • Matthew shared from Father to the Fatherless: The Charles Mulli Story by Paul H Boge
    “If a person from the street gives their life to Christ and then decides to help other people, that is prosperity. They’ve gone from the street to a place where God can use them. But if somebody who already has money gets more of it, how is that prosperity? If someone who has enough to eat, who has enough clothing, if all they do is get more of it, how is that prosperity? I see it differently. If someone is demon possessed and gets freed so they can study and live the way God wants them to, that is prosperity. If someone is a prostitute who is being taken advantage of, sometimes even by their...
    Note: what is prosperity.
  • Matthew shared from Children of the Mind (The Ender Quartet series Book 4) by Orson Scott Card
    “This emotion I’m feeling now, this is love, right?” “I don’t know. Is it a longing? Is it a giddy stupid happiness just because you’re with me?” “Yes,” she said. “That’s influenza,” said Miro. “Watch for nausea or diarrhea within a few hours.”
    Note: is it love?
  • Matthew shared from Xenocide: Volume Three of the Ender Quintet (The Ender Quartet series Book 3) by Orson Scott Card
    When you have wisdom that another person knows that he needs, you give it freely. But when the other person doesn’t yet know that he needs your wisdom, you keep it to yourself. Food only looks good to a hungry man.
    Note: wise words i have not lived by but probably should
  • Matthew shared from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References) by Crossway Bibles
       he shall see his offspring;
    Note: does this mean Christ had a child?
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Matthew Cornelisse