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  • Matthew shared from How to sell brilliantly by Nicholas Bate
    Name any field, and the best, well: they practise. They go to training, they rehearse. It’s just simply what you do if you want to be good, to be brilliant.
  • Matthew shared from Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Cass R. Sunstein, Richard H. Thaler
    In many domains, the evidence shows that, within reason, the more you ask for, the more you tend to get.
    Note: Does this evidence hold true for those of us building subscription based web products?
  • Matthew shared from a Personal Document
    A method's contract states "given the following inputs, I promise to return certain outputs and/or cause certain side-effects". It is the callers responsibility to ensure that the method's preconditions—the inputs it depends on—are met. It is the method's responsibility to ensure that its postconditions—those outputs and side-effects—are fulfilled.
    Note: A good reminder about the responsibilities of a method and its caller.