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  • Matthew shared from a Personal Document
    “Hate to do this, Bill,” he said of the fungi he was murdering. “Fungi have as much right to life as I do. They know what they want, Bill. Damned if I do anymore.”
  • Matthew shared from Seneca: Letters from a Stoic (and Biography) [Annotated] by Doma Publishing House, Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    4. It shows much more courage to remain dry and sober when the mob is drunk and vomiting; but it shows greater self-control to refuse to withdraw oneself and to do what the crowd does, but in a different way, —thus neither making oneself conspicuous nor becoming one of the crowd.
    Note: hmmm
  • Matthew shared from Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield
    The amateur prizes shallowness and shuns depth. The culture of Twitter and Facebook is paradise for the amateur.
  • Matthew shared from Scipio Africanus: Greater Than Napoleon by B. H. Liddell Hart
    For those who are incapable of taking an accurate view of opportunities, causes, and dispositions, attribute to the gods and to fortune the causes of what is accomplished by shrewdness and with calculation and foresight."
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