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    Ron Montoya, senior consumer advice editor at, said that the incident shows that no "single technology on the market today can make a vehicle 100 percent safe" - and that "there is not a true 'Autopilot.' "
    Note: @edmunds Nobel Price Statement of 2016 $TSLA #dumbmedia
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    Wal-Mart targets new sales of up to $60 billion by 2019: CEO
    Note: A few additional FC forklifts $PLUG $WMT
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    Lufthansa suspends Caracas flights as Venezuelan economy struggles
    Note: Great job Chavez. These seeds were planted many years ago.
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    "Why do people who don't have a lot of plaques get Alzheimer's disease and other people who have a lot of plaques don't?"
    Note: It's the prions not the plaques. In our opinion #endalz #Alzheimer's $PMN.TO
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    "He is known for having a lot of assets that have a lot of potential that for a host of reasons have not realized that potential," he said.
    Note: Potential
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