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  • Michael shared from Following Atticus by Tom Ryan
    As for our next adventure, Atticus made me believe that love is the answer to nearly everything, and I was ready to give it another try.
  • Michael shared from Following Atticus by Tom Ryan
    Over the last two winters, we’d climbed 147 peaks, stayed safe, raised thousands of dollars for two great causes, and transformed our lives. Not bad for a little dog and a middle-aged, overweight newspaper editor with a paralyzing fear of heights who supposedly never belonged in the mountains in winter.
  • Michael shared from Following Atticus by Tom Ryan
    Bookstores are filled with stories about how animals help us to get where we need to go, but could it be, I wondered, that our roles were reversed? At times like this, I thought that perhaps I was the one bringing him where he most needed to be.
    Note: Aw
  • Michael shared from The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature by Steven Pinker
    The Israelis and Swiss are armed to the teeth but have low rates of violent personal crime, and among American states, Maine and North Dakota have the lowest homicide rates but almost every home has a gun.
  • Michael shared from Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating by Paul Oyer
    At some point, you will say to yourself (though I recommend you do not say this out loud), “My partner is truly wonderful. If I kept looking, I could probably do better. But I have to earn a living, make dinner, practice the piano, and do a bunch of other stuff. So I’m going to settle for this person and move on with life. It could certainly be a lot worse.
    Note: Ha. Love it
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