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    A dictator is regarded as moral, since the unspeakable atrocities he committed were intended to benefit “the people,” not himself.
    Note: so RIGHT
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    That said, striking the right balance between doing things in-house and contracting things out is clearly much more complicated than it was in the days when Tom Peters and his fellow gurus told companies to focus on what they do best and outsource the rest.
    Note: vertical integration vs outsourcing
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    One of the counterintuitive implications of the theory of relativity is that, although light has no mass, it still has momentum. Thus when light bounces off a mirror it exerts a tiny pressure; if the light is bright enough, and the mirror light enough, the mirror will start moving.
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    Mr Cai bemoans the fact that Chinese contemporary artists are often judged by just two measures: their take on the one-party system or the record prices their work fetches at auction.
    Note: 蔡国强之内忧外患
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    Without thoughtful and disinterested judges, everyone would be at the mercy of the marketers. “Culture now lives almost entirely under the rubric of consumption,”
(Shanghai, China)