About Mrs. F. H. Mortimer

Faith Mortimer is a bestselling author. Born in Manchester, England.

THE SEEDS OF TIME BOOK #1 THE CROSSING Action adventure romance

THE ASSASSINS' VILLAGE #1 Diana Rivers mystery

CHILDREN OF THE PLANTATION #2 Diana Rivers murder mystery

THE SURGEON'S BLADE #3 Diana Rivers series A tense psychological thriller

'HARVEST BOOK 2 THE CROSSING Action adventure romance


A VERY FRENCH AFFAIR a truly romantic book :passion and suspense

CHILDHUNT #5 novel in the Diana Rivers series

ON CHRISTMAS HILL A lovely Christmas 'feel good' ending

A DEADLY LEARNING #6 Diana Rivers Mystery Suspense

THE BAMBOO MIRROR An eclectic collection of short stories

Twitter handle is @FaithMortimer

Feedback is always welcome and if you write me a review I would be extremely grateful. THANKS!

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