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    The really unforgivable acts are committed by calm men in beautiful green silk rooms, who deal death wholesale, by the shipload, without lust, or anger, or desire, or any redeeming emotion to excuse them but cold fear of some pretended future. But the crimes they hope to prevent in that future are imaginary. The ones they commit in the present—they are real."
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    Robert pushed away the mysteries (and the fear) and practiced with his Epiphany. Let’s see the minimum adornment. Robert shrugged the familiar gesture. Okay so far. He could see simple labeling. Everything, even the iceplant on the sides of the freeway, had little alphanumeric signs. Another shrug of the shoulder, and he was seeing what the objects he was passing—more accurately, the owners of the objects—wanted him to see. There was advertising. The malls had guessed he was an old fart, and tuned their ads accordingly. But there was none of the outright spam of some earlier sessions. Maybe...
    Note: Visions of Glass in 'Rainbows end'.
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    The thing is, with the Beatles and us, it was a very friendly relationship. It was also very cannily worked out, because in those days singles were coming out every six, eight weeks. And we’d try and time it so that we didn’t clash. I remember John Lennon calling me up and saying, “Well, we’ve not finished mixing yet.” “We’ve got one ready to go.” “OK, you go first.”
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    Polar exploration is at once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time which has been devised.
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    According to recent polls, Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of all news consumers. They are 12 percentage points more likely to believe the stimulus package caused job losses, 17 points more likely to believe Muslims want to establish Sharia law in America, 30 points more likely to say that scientists dispute global warming, and 31 points more likely to doubt President Obama’s citizenship. At the height of the healthcare debate, more than two-thirds of Fox News viewers were convinced Obamacare would lead to a “government takeover”, provide healthcare to illegal immigrants, pay...
    Note: good one on fox news
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    See, that's the thing about these disciples of Ayn Rand, the bad novelist deeply appealing to insecure adolescents who dream of greatness because they're acing ninth grade.
    Note: best description of ayn rand fans ever.
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    wardrobe -- not policy, not rhetoric, not geopolitical interests -- seems about as precise a guide as any in discerning which dictators the U.S. government considers Bad and which dictators our government considers Good.
    Note: wardrobe as a predictor of political affiliation
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