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  • Princess shared from Reclaimed (The Second Highland Historical Trilogy) (The MacKay Banshees 1-3) by Kerrigan Byrne
    “Love isn’t logical. It cannot be measured, contained, or aptly described or recorded. It is simply powerful, undeniable, pure emotion. And is as necessary as any sustenance the body craves. Only it is also craved by the soul.”
  • Princess shared from Metallic Dreams by Mark Rice
    Wrapped in a towel and relaxed after a long shower, I look at the fresh e-mail lying in the comfort of its Inbox bed.  The subject line: ‘YOU’RE AN INSENSITIVE ASSHOLE!’  I have long suspected this to be the case, and have been told so verbally on many occasions.  Now, for the first time, written verification has arrived to confirm my suspicions.  
  • Princess shared from Metallic Dreams by Mark Rice
    I hope you crash into the next lamp-post, ya false-hope-giving wankstain.  And if you survive the impact, may all your shits be hedgehogs.
(Houston TX)
Princess Ducky