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  • Ramesh shared from The Case of the Missing Servant: From the Files of Vish Puri, Most Private Investigator (Vish Puri series Book 1) by Tarquin Hall
    Vish Puri, founder and managing director of Most Private Investigators Ltd., sat alone in a room in a guesthouse in Defence Colony, south Delhi, devouring a dozen green chili pakoras* from a greasy takeout box. Puri was supposed to be keeping off the fried foods and Indian desserts he so loved. Dr. Mohan had “intimated” to him at his last checkup that he could no longer afford to indulge himself with the usual Punjabi staples. “Blood pressure is up, so chance of heart attack and diabetes is there. Don’t do obesity,” he’d advised. Puri considered the doctor’s stern warning as he sank...
    Note: Enjoying a Vish Puri mystery by Tarquin Hall...
(New York, San Francisco)
Ramesh Haridas