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  • Randall shared from Yeshu: A Novel for the Open-Hearted by Charles David Kleymeyer
    Note: My childhood friend Chuck Kleymeyer is a story teller, and in Yeshu, he tells a wonderful story.
  • Randall shared from Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson
    Two decades ago, the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi proposed the concept of “flow” to describe the internal state of energized focus that characterizes the mind at its most productive. It’s a lovely metaphor, precisely because it suggests the essential fluidity that good ideas so often need. Flow is not the singular intensity of focusing “like a laser,” as we often say. And it is not the miraculous illumination of a sudden brainstorm. Rather, it is more the feeling of drifting along a stream, being carried in a clear direction, but still tossed in surprising ways by the eddies...
    Note: good comment for tedxlincoln theme ripples
(Lincoln, NE)
Randall G. Bretz