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  • Richard shared from Pakistan: A Hard Country by Anatol Lieven
    justice in Pakistan is an extension of politics by other means,
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    Living together, they got on each other’s nerves. A close, daily intimacy between two people has to be paid for: it requires a great deal of experience of life, logic, and warmth of heart on both sides to enjoy each other’s good qualities without being irritated by each other’s shortcomings and blaming each other for them.
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    “You think I beat girls up?” I said. He shrugged. “She might have deserved it.” “Um, we don’t hit women in America.” He scowled, and spit out an apple seed. “No. Americans just persecute smaller countries that believe different from them.”
    Note: Ugh
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    Paul gave her a five-mark note, which was about two bucks, four bits, he guessed.
    Note: Two bucks is 16 bits
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    “And so George Bush has been president since Ronald Reagan?” “There was another guy in there. Clinton.” “The philanderer. I remember him,” he said, pleased. “And then George Bush became president again?” “No, the George Bush who is president now is the first George Bush’s son.” “Ah, so that’s why they don’t shoot the previous president. They’re all related. Like the Romanovs.”
(Makeyevka, Ukraine)
Richard Iserman