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Here's how to interpret the number of stars I put on a review. Having come from an education background, I see the stars much like I might see letter grades.<br /><br />5 STARS (A): Perfect for what this item was. Probably a personal favorite. Something I would recommend to others, or perhaps even buy for others with no reservations. If this is a book, there's a strong likelihood that I would read this again.<br /><br />4 STARS (B) Overall very favorable and would recommend in most cases. If a book, I may or may not read it again. Often, there's some imperfection that keeps this item from receiving a full five stars, but I'm favorable overall.<br /><br />3 STARS (C). This is right over the fence. I'm not overly favorable toward it, but I am not necessarily unfavorable either. I'm just kind of meh toward it. Perhaps, I could have given it another star if something had been a little bit better. I don't regret that I read it or experienced it, but I doubt I ever would again.<br /><br />2 STARS (D) Not completely irredeemable, but significantly flawed. There's probably little reason to think I would recommend this, but it's not wholly outside the realm of possibility. Nevertheless, the value of this item doesn't match its cost in money or time.<br /><br />1 STAR (F). Under no circumstances would I ever recommend this item. It is flawed at such a significant level, it's entirely irredeemable. I want my money back, and I probably received it. The author or originator should be ashamed or possibly incarcerated.

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