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I'm the author of more than two dozen published novels, ranging in genre from romance to suspense to horror. I live in Seattle, WA with my husband and our Boston terrier.

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  • Rick shared from The Value Of Rain by Brandon Shire
    “Yes, true, there’s all that beauty in the world, but eventually the vacation is over and you have to come home and look at yourself in that dirty old worn out mirror.”
  • Rick shared from Becoming Chloe by Catherine Ryan Hyde
    Note: After all, it's our joy we're after.... Everyone has to find their own.
  • Rick shared from Lit : A Memoir (P.S. Book 3) by Mary Karr
    Every now and then we enter the presence of the numinous and deduce for an instant how we’re formed, in what detail the force that infuses every petal might specifically run through us, wishing only to lure us into our full potential. Usually, the closest we get is when we love, or when some beloved beams back, which can galvanize you like steel and make resilient what had heretofore only been soft flesh.
    Note: Just finished Mary Karr's memoir and this closing paragraph was so profound, I just had to share.
  • Rick shared from Life of Pi (Illustrated): Deluxe Illustrated Edition by Yann Martel
    Note: So true, so true (from THE LIFE OF PI)
  • Rick shared from Bleed for Me (Joe O'Loughlin Book 4) by Michael Robotham
    The darkest part of the night is just before dawn when we wake and peer through the curtains and wonder where the world has gone.
    Note: love this passage from the book I'm reading (and loving)…
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