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  • Rob shared from Cold Steel: Spiritwalker: Book Three by Kate Elliott
    Never let it be said I could not talk my way out of any trouble that I could not punch.
  • Rob shared from A Memory Of Light: Book 14 of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
    No, a good tavern was worn and used, like good boots. It was also sturdy, again like good boots. So long as the ale did not taste like good boots, you would have a winner.
  • Rob shared from Towers Of Midnight: Book 13 of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
    You never could tell what a man would do when he was drunk, even if that man was your own self.
  • Rob shared from Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan
    Take what you can have. Rejoice in what you can save, and do not mourn your losses too long.
  • Rob shared from Dust Of Dreams: The Malazan Book of the Fallen 9 by Steven Erikson
    Even common sense was an enemy to the harvesters of the future. The beast that was civilization ever faced forward, and in making its present world it devoured the world to come. It was an appalling truth that one’s own children could be so callously sacrificed to immediate comforts, yet this was so and it had always been so.
Rob Brown