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  • Robert shared from Butcher Bird: A Novel of the Dominion by Richard Kadrey
    If you feel lost and foolish sometimes, don’t worry about that, either. All great men begin as fools. It’s one of life’s little jokes.”
  • Robert shared from Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings by Christopher Moore
    (He reasoned: A well-formed bottom hanging in space is just a well-formed bottom, but you hook up a well-formed bottom to a whip-smart woman and apply a dash of the awkward and what you’ve got yourself is…well, trouble.)
    Note: Bottom logic :D
  • Robert shared from Devil Said Bang: A Sandman Slim Novel by Richard Kadrey
    Eyes like red slits in black ice. Claws and a shark-tooth smile. A gorgeous killing machine in ripped jeans and worn Chuck Taylors. The perfect girlfriend.
    Note: Hell yes!
  • Robert shared from Skipped Parts: A Novel (GroVont series) by Tim Sandlin
    I’m always reading twenty minutes of insight into a glance in someone’s eyes.
  • Robert shared from Things that Fall from the Sky (Vintage Contemporaries) by Kevin Brockmeier
    I don’t know what’s become of me or who I’m supposed to be. My sense of what it takes to live with other people is slowly drifting away. My thoughts have become a mystery to me. I watch myself speaking lately and it’s as if I were somewhere else. It’s as if my life were being displayed before me on a table: I could carry it off in my hand, place it in a box or a drawer, and forget that it was even there. More and more I think as I grow older that I live in this world and know nothing about it.
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Robert Hamilton