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I am the Principal of Renewal Consulting Group. I live in Knowlton Quebec, in the Eastern Townships<br /><br />My practice is helping people &quot;see&quot; where they are in a complex world. <br /><br />In addition to my work as a consultant, I taught 5 Web-Based courses on the New Economy and how it affects the Environment at the School of Business at the University of Prince Edward Island.<br /><br />I am an active Social Entrepreneur. I have learned how to create influential organizations that work on important issues such as the environment and childhood. As an Overseer of the Marion Foundation, I was instrumental in bringing the Natural Step to the US and subsequently to Canada and is a founding member of the PEI Chapter. As a founder of the Child Alliance, I have raised over $5.0 million in the last 3 years to fund programs to support Early Childhood for PEI.<br /><br />I am a co-founder of the Queen Street Commons, a co working space on PEI that is focused on supporting artisanal business and in offering artisans a network.<br /><br />I learned how to manage large scale organizational change when as SVP HR at CIBC, I redesigned and rebuilt the $2.2 billion dollar compensation and benefits system to align to a performance culture.<br /><br />I learned about solving cultural conflict and business integration when, as SVP Marketing CIBC, I was responsible for the integration of Wood Gundy and CIBCs business lines after CIBC purchased Wood Gundy.<br /><br />I learned how to create new businesses in tough global settings when, as ED New Issues CIBC Limited, I set up CIBCs global fixed income business in London and when, as AD Institutional sales Wood Gundy, I helped make Wood Gundy the dominant Canadian investment Bank in the Middle East<br /><br />I discovered the power and wonder of the natural world when I worked as a diamond prospector for De Beers in the Kalahari desert.<br /><br />I have lived and worked in many cultures. They include Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Charlottetown) the UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Botswana. I have traveled extensively in the US and the former USSR<br /><br />A graduate of Harrow School and Christ Church, Oxford, I remain a student of history and the workings of the natural world. I am married with two adult children.<br />

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  • Robert shared from Tommy: The British Soldier on the Western Front by Richard Holmes
    Bluey, an eighteen-year-old Australian with ginger hair, told her: ‘Mine is not an Aussie Blighty, so of course I’ll be going back again, and I know it won’t be my luck to get out of it again. Will you kiss me good-bye before you go?’ And
    Note: An angel of mercy the innocence of another time WWI
  • Robert shared from The Red Fort by James Leasor
    as others have also found, he discovered that alien populations are not always immediately grateful to foreigners who uproot indigenous rulers and replace them with their own. However much more efficient such a new rule may be, it is at best a foreign yoke and one that has been forced, unasked, upon them. Cobden had written truly of India: "Its people will prefer to be ruled badly — according to our notions — by its own colour, kith, and kin, than to submit to the humiliation of being better governed by a succession of transient intruders from the Antipodes. . . ."
    Note: iraq?
  • Robert shared from Follow The Drum by James Leasor
    But his son grew tired of all this living in the past. Young people do, very easily. They have no past, only their future. But when you grow older, the past seems much more important. There's also more of it.
    Note: my situation now
  • Robert shared from Follow The Drum by James Leasor
    And always remember this. Difficulties argue for themselves. They need no advocate in you."
    Note: any new idea is met with a list of reasons why not to do it
  • Robert shared from Sahib by Richard Holmes
    However there briefly remained a belief that anaesthetics positively harmed the patient. Surgeon J. J. Cole, who served in the Second Sikh War, thought that chloroform was: A highly pernicious agent … That it renders the poor patient unconscious is not to be doubted. But what is pain? It is one of the most powerful, one of the most salutary stimulants known. It often brings about reaction of the most natural kind … Have we not reason to believe that reaction began to appear with the application of the knife and was fairly brought about before it was laid aside?
    Note: medical progress always is delayed by interests of the old ways
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