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  • Ronan shared from Normal: A Novel by Warren Ellis
    Note: Lots of fun. Don't pay too close attention, though, or you'll be looking for a trip to Normal Head.
  • Ronan shared from After the Affair: A Psychological Thriller by Jonathan Kaye
    Note: I had great difficulty putting this down. Serious page-turning material.
  • Ronan shared from Spook Country (Blue Ant) by William Gibson
    Note: Plays out like a giant prank, all things considered. Some shout-outs to the Sprawl books also.
  • Ronan shared from Pattern Recognition by William Gibson
    Note: Call me slow but I was deep in this when I recognised the similarity to Count Zero.
  • Ronan shared from All Tomorrow's Parties (Bridge) by William Gibson
    Note: Weakest of the Bridge trilogy, but still a good enough book.
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