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  • Ronan shared from One of Us by Michael Marshall Smith
    Note: The (literal) Deus Ex Machina is too big for the rest of the plot; the mismatch is jarring.
  • Ronan shared from Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernest Cline
    Note: A bit slow to start, but once it kicked off I couldn't put it down. Until 3:30am, when I finished it
  • Ronan shared from Memory Theatre by Simon Critchley
    Note: V. dense to start, but a bit of fun. Getting my book recommendations via @warrenellis is risky.
  • Ronan shared from Only Forward (Voyager Classics) by Michael Marshall Smith
    Note: A bit too hip at the start, gets very weird towards the end.
  • Ronan shared from Under The Skin by Michel Faber
    Note: Got to the end of the book wondering what the point was. A journey with no destination.
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