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  • Ronan shared from The Thirst: Harry Hole 11 by Jo Nesbo
    Note: Nesbo is a master of misdirection. Catches me pretty much EVERY time.
  • Ronan shared from American Gods by Neil Gaiman
    Note: An absolute riot. If you haven't read this, you're missing out.
  • Ronan shared from Injection Vol. 2 by Warren Ellis
    Note: Liked Vol. 1? Get Vol. 2. Also pine for further volumes. Great stuff.
  • Ronan shared from The Authority Vol. 1 by WARREN ELLIS
    Note: Another graphic novel for which I'd no background, and which I loved.
  • Ronan shared from Injection Vol. 1 by Warren Ellis
    Note: Devoured in a single sitting. Awesome.
  • Ronan shared from Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman
    Note: This completely rocked. Helped that I'd no idea what it was about, so there's dawning recognition.
  • Ronan shared from A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics : A Neuroscientist on How to Make Sense of a Complex World by Daniel J. Levitin
    Note: Ben Goldacre on this topic is so much better.
  • Ronan shared from Winter: A Berlin Family, 1899–1945 (Samson) by Len Deighton
    Note: Best of the Samson books; still flawed, but really enjoyed this.
  • Ronan shared from Spy Sinker (Samson) by Len Deighton
    Note: So, the /real/ denoument of the first trilogy. The infidelity seems.. cheap. Generally good read.
  • Ronan shared from Spy Line by Len Deighton
    Note: Puts a new twist into the original trilogy. Another decent enough read.
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