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Ryan has been involved in the internet industry for many years doing all sorts of things from making websites to developing rich multi-user multi-touch interactive experiences. He really likes pretty things. He thinks it's nice to use the web for fun and not just profit. He hopes that one day everyone can take advantage of this wonderful medium and evolve it into a powerful creative force. Someday if Ryan has way he will rule the Earth with an iron fist demanding that everyone obeys him! Once that happens he will be oh so very happy.

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  • Ryan shared from Influx by Daniel Suarez
    edges lined with overflowing shelving units and banks of heavy-duty electrical capacitors. LED lights glowed on the equipment, digital readouts fluctuating widely. Rows of rubber-topped lab tables stood in their path, every inch piled high with circuit boards, oscillators, 3D printers, and heaps of electrical components. There were also origami geodesic models in all sizes. The place looked more like the attic of an eccentric hoarder than a laboratory.
    Note: Sounds like my home lab
  • Ryan shared from Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
    Somewhere out there was the lightless gap of Puget Sound, obscured by rolling clouds. Traffic was almost static on I-5, a luminous red river.
    Note: Lovely
  • Ryan shared from Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez
    It felt good to be writing software again, and he decided to write the detection service in C#. Prakash always railed against .NET, saying real programmers didn’t use managed code. Fuck him.
    Note: Nice
  • Ryan shared from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Book 1) by Ransom Riggs
    Some of them claimed they could feel the difference; the air in their lungs was fuller, the race of blood through their veins faster. They felt more vital, more real. I did, too.
(Seattle, WA USA)
Ryan Lane
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