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    who was a nurse for 25 years and voted for Mr. Trump.
    Note: But what have you done for me lately? -Trump
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    the Russians, it appeared, were arguing about how far to go in interfering in the presidential election.
    Note: Keep digging...
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    The point is: You live with a drummer. That is a lifestyle choice you made, one as bold and ill considered as being a drummer in the first place.
    Note: Ha!
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    Those comments came shortly after his own aides had held a briefing for the White House press pool on the condition of anonymity to deny CNN’s story suggesting there had been improper contact between the White House and the F.B.I. regarding the Times article on Russian contacts.
    Note: Trump condemns anon sources and then pulls this...
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    Mr. Awlaki became the first American citizen deliberately killed on the order of a president, without criminal charges or trial, since the Civil War. Some legal scholars questioned whether the order was constitutional. Mr. Obama argued that killing Mr. Awlaki was the equivalent of a justified police shooting of a gunman who was threatening civilians.
    Note: Really bad precident...