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Speculative fiction author S.L. Coelho, enjoys keeping her readers awake at night. She grew up in southern Manitoba entertaining her younger siblings with tall tales. As she matured, those tales blossomed into written work, winning the favor of English teachers. While employed with the Universities of Manitoba and British Columbia, her work attracted the attention of researchers who requested her assistance in drafting grant proposals. Sometime later, her employer cajoled her into writing reams of documentation, for manufacturing practice and procedure manuals, used to pass ISO certification. Recently, her responsibilities entailed managing, developing, and delivering a preschool literacy program for children at risk. Her love of books came from her grandparents' small library, where she discovered the vehicle to captivating worlds. S.L. Coelho resides in British Columbia, and is a member of The Independent Author Network.

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(BC, Canada)
S.L. Coelho