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    she climbed into her black Lexus 450 hybrid and declared, half-sarcastically, “I’ve only recently become a baller.”
    Note: Ha!
  • Sam shared from 2012 IN CHARTS: The long road to recovery in the Finance and economics section of The Economist - US Edition by The Economist
    Many emerging markets had a dismal year as growth rates dropped (chart 5). Some of the slowdown is cyclical: China’s economy and underperforming stockmarket showed
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    About as many people work in manufacturing now as did at the end of the Depression,
    Note: the day that the atlantic delivers to kindle is a good one
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    Mike Evangelist, who worked at Apple on software design,
    Note: what a name for an apple employee!
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    The right is mostly to blame. Ronald Reagan, a divorcee who did little for the pro-life lobby and raised taxes when he had to, would never be nominated today.
    Note: so true re reagan