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  • Scott shared from The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson IV by Robert A. Caro
    The dinner was Texas: a large chuck wagon had been parked near the front door by Johnson’s favorite caterer, Walter Jetton of Fort Worth, “the Leonard Bernstein of Barbecue,” and next to it were Jetton’s barbecue spits on which, since 5 a.m., he and his sous-chefs, their Stetsons tilted back off their faces because of the heat, had been slathering his renowned special barbecue sauce onto vast expanses of meat—five hundred pounds of brisket and three hundred pounds of spareribs. The arriving guests, about three hundred natives and forty-five or fifty men in blue suits, were served the...
    Note: LBJ's first state dinner as prez involved "barbecue sauce," not dry-rub. At least it was brisket.
  • Scott shared from The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson IV by Robert A. Caro
    One other argument would be, in retrospect, terribly poignant: it didn’t matter who was Vice President, Jack Kennedy said. “I’m forty-three years old, and I’m the healthiest candidate for President in the United States. You’ve traveled with me enough to know that I’m not going to die in office. So the vice presidency doesn’t mean anything.”
    Note: JFK on naming LBJ Vice President: "I'm not going to die in office."
  • Scott shared from Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson III by Robert A. Caro
    He told Lady Bird to stay with him in the hospital, not to leave him. He handed her his wallet and keys. He mentioned the two suits he had ordered that morning. “Tell him to go ahead with the blue,” he said. “We can use that no matter what happens.”
    Note: LBJ, having a coronary in 1955, tells Lady Bird about two suits he had been fitted for that day.
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    In Illinois, where for decades Trumbull had been a revered public figure, a Republican convention resolved that “any senator elected by … Republicans, who at this time blenches and betrays, is infamous and should be dishonored and execrated.”
    Note: @davedenis "To feel or express great loathing for." Here is the whole passage.