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  • Sean shared from The Incrementalists by Steven Brust, Skyler White
    Short version: It doesn’t matter how many bad decisions you’ve just made, your job is to make the next one correct.
    Note: Good generic rule.
  • Sean shared from How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea: A Newsflesh Novella by Mira Grant
    That no one could ever go there without saying, ‘Oh, how green this land, oh, how blue this sea; I must have lived a very good life to be allowed to come to such a paradise.’”
  • Sean shared from Divergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 1) by Veronica Roth
    “Why? Why do they care about my intentions?” “Intentions are the only thing they care about. They try to make you think they care about what you do, but they don’t. They don’t want you to act a certain way. They want you to think a certain way. So you’re easy to understand. So you won’t pose a threat to them.”
    Note: Why they care about your intentions.
  • Sean shared from A Romance in Twelve Parts (Faction Paradox) by James Milton, Matt Kimpton, Jonathan Dennis, Daniel O'Mahony, Dave Hoskin, Philip Purser-Hallard, Scott Harrison, Blair Bidmead, Ian Potter
    gods exist, it’s our job to uninvent them. We’ll take away their divinity and say to them, <I hope you brought enough for everybody.>>
  • Sean shared from Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond by John Joseph Adams, Douglas Cohen
    “Not right is not the same as wrong. There’s right and not right, and there’s right and wrong, and there’s wrong and not wrong. But to insist that not right is the same as wrong is to infer a transitive property of equivalence that is not supported by the evidence, for we do not yet know the qualities that individually compose not right and wrong.
    Note: Not Right != Wrong
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