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I am the author of four books, THE OTHER SIDE OF WHAT (2003 1st print), STEALING WISHES (2008), ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? (2010), and DICKINSTEIN (2013) which are all available here on Amazon in paperback or downloadable to your Amazon Kindle Ereader except for Dickinstein which is currently out of print. A sequel to Stealing Wishes is also coming soon.<br /><br />If you email me requesting a book review, chances are you will not hear from me unless your book is a thriller, supernatural or ghost story, historical fiction, coming-of-age, or eccentric type novel that I want to read. Despite what I have reviewed here in the past, I no longer review from a professional point-of-view. I read for pleasure these days so I am a bit more picky.

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  • Shannon shared from Innocence (with bonus short story Wilderness): A Novel by Dean Koontz
    “Sometimes I think there may be more truth in fiction than in real life. Or at least truth condensed so that it’s more easily understood. But what do I know of real people or the world, considering my strange existence?
  • Shannon shared from Dickinstein by Shannon Yarbrough
    She could only accept her work for exactly what it was. The lesser being science, though that is surely what it was, and the greater of it being a miracle. She knew those who performed miracles were not always present to see the forthcoming result. That was the joy of performing them; you had faith in the marvel long after.
  • Shannon shared from Dickinstein by Shannon Yarbrough
    She found herself behind the garden wall again. While she was there, she thought she might as well have a peek into the garden through the rose bush. She found the fountain in the center alive and bubbling as always, but not a bird was in sight taking in its splendor. It was oddly quiet; the sound of death, but death could not be found anywhere.
    Note: Because I could not stop for death...
  • Shannon shared from Dickinstein by Shannon Yarbrough
    She would take advantage of this spirit, this surge of energy in Amherst, literally and figuratively, and proceed with doing what Victor Frankenstein did. She would experiment with giving life to the dead!
    Note: Emily makes an important decision! #emilydickinson #frankenstein
  • Shannon shared from Dickinstein by Shannon Yarbrough
    All for the sake of progress. It’s how anything of this size comes into fruition, really. It made Emily wonder if God had spent such time and effort on shaping a particular type of tree or molding a mountain in the distance. Such nature, not made by man, was just as beautiful if not more, even though we erase it to make room for our own work.
(St. Louis, MO USA)
Shannon L. Yarbrough