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  • Sleeplessjim shared from Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn: A Steampunk Faerie Tale by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Day Al-Mohamed
    In silence the riders galloped across the desert, their tack silenced and their horses’ hooves covered in cloth. Moonlight limned them like specters gliding over the sands. Dread clung to their robes. Swinging down before their mounts had fully stopped, they hurried into their lair, a cavern whose stone roof rose above the desert, a deeper shadow in the darkness.
    Note: Ominous
  • Sleeplessjim shared from Gay Tantra by William Schindler
    A fully developed gay identity, typically, is achieved through years of personal struggle, pain, persecution, self-examination, and finally triumphant self-revelation.
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Dayspring of Youth by M.
    The Dayspring of Youth.—A cosmic hierarchal energy that appears at the beginning of a new age in man’s development. It is now entering this world, and, through Yoga practice, the student attempts to tune himself into this directing consciousness and intelligence that is to revert man to an understanding of Nature’s laws.
    Note: Theme
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    I cannot half recall the streams of passionate description with which his words clothed these glowing memories of his vision. Great pictures of it haunt the background of my mind, pictures that lie in early mists, framed by the stars and glimmering through some golden, flowered dawn.
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    All life simple enough to touch and share the enormous happiness of her deep, streaming, personal Being, dances instinctively for very joy—obedient to a greater measure than they know…. The natural movement of the great Earth-Soul is rhythmical.
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    The whole world danced. The Universe was rhythmical as well as metrical. For this amazing splendor showed itself in a flash-like revelation to the freed portion of his consciousness, and he knew it irresistibly because he himself shared it. Here was an infinite joy, naked and unashamed, born of the mighty Mother's heart and life, a joy which, in its feebler, lesser manifestations, trickles down into human conditions, though still spontaneously even then, so pure its primal urgency, as—dancing.
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    the words of that old tribesman from the wilderness: "They come in the spring… and are very swift and roaring. They are older, older than the stones. They cannot die… they are of the mountains, and you must hide."
    Note: Centaurs
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    the spirit of the Earth still manifested as of old, reached out lovingly to those of her children who were simple enough to respond, ready to fold them in and heal them of the modern, racking fevers which must otherwise destroy them…. The entire sky of soft darkness became a hand that covered him, and stroked him into peace; the perfume that wafted down that narrow street beside him was the single, enveloping fragrance of the whole wide Earth herself; he caught the very murmur of her splendid journey through the stars.
    Note: Lovely
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    When one of us dies, it is as if an eye of the world were closed, for all perceptive contributions from that particular quarter cease.'"
  • Sleeplessjim shared from The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood
    We rise upon the Earth as wavelets rise upon the ocean. We grow out of her soil as leaves grow from a tree. Sometimes we find our bigger life and realize that we are parts of her bigger collective consciousness, but as a rule we are aware only of our separateness, as individuals.
(Neola, PA)